WIP – Lace top…new directions

You know the lace crochet top I’ve been working on, yeah, you know the one. I got past 20 rows before I finally accepted something was off. Somewhere along the way I must have interpreted the crochet chart differently and certain stitches did not happen or they went where they shouldn’t have. I thought, “If […]

WIP Wednesday…and a yarn review!

I was wondering which yarn to use for my May crochet socks when  I got a sample skein from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. They are a Canadian yarn retailer that specializes in beautifully hand-dyed yarns and the yarn they sent me is so squishy and lovely to work with! The colour is called Arctic Midnight […]

WIP Wednesday

April Socks A few rounds into the leg of the sock pattern I began to get bored of the seemingly endless single crochet stitches. I was on the train home from work and after one such round, I went off track and started doing something different. I added gaps into the fabric. I guess you […]

Amigurumi Eeyore – Part 2

Hey! I hope you enjoyed the instructions for part one of amigurumi Eeyore! If you found the limbs to be fairly easy and fun to make then you’re probably ready for a little challenge. In this post I will show you how to make Eeyore’s head. I decided to make this part next because, in […]