Crochet Mandala Vest

For the longest time I have been intrigued by circular crochet vests. I’ve seen them on Pinterest and Instagram and they looked so intricate and beautiful and I wondered if I could ever make one. This was also how I felt about mandalas in general until I finally made one. Once I discovered how rewarding […]

Love+Leche Lotion Bar Review

Little Bee Lotion Bars from Love + Leche : Review

I’m a huge fan of natural products, especially the kind that goes on my skin. As a crafter I put my hands through a lot of work. Like, a lot. I am constantly handling yarn made from natural and synthetic fibres and after a while I can feel my skin starts to feel chapped. When […]

Crochet Bacon Blanket

In the history of the world, few foods have come close to ranking higher in preference than bacon – at least that’s the impression I get when I’ve gone to breakfast buffets and all the bacon is gone. Even when I’ve tried going on a strict vegetarian diet, I’ve found ways to make bacon out […]

Easy Pom Pom Holiday Wreath

This month at work we had a contest to see who could do the best work space decorations – by department or individual. My team and I had a brainstorming session over a pad thai lunch and thought of ways to liven up the office. We got excited and soon decided to go with a […]