Mini Twine Baskets

A recent trip to Ikea sparked the inspiration for today’s post. As Jason and I wandered through the comfortably chic room layouts of the Ikea showroom, I noticed they had small crochet baskets for bathroom organization. The baskets were made of a very chunky and stiff cord with tight stitches making the fabric very sturdy. […]

DIY Crochet Hook Storage from Ikea Cutlery Container

Slowly I’m beginning to make little changes to my desk décor, finding that the fresh look provides me with inspiration. I’m thinking about better lighting and a new desk but as I said, I’m making changes little by little so the first thing I spruced up was my Crochet Hook Storage: The intended use for […]

Embroidery Floss Storage, Fine Yarn Too

Years ago I asked my mom if I could borrow her embroidery thread for a project. I believe I was cross stitching an image of a house surrounded by foliage and I needed different shades and hues of green so I brought my mom’s giant embroidery floss storage jar home and never returned it. I’m not […]