Pops de Milk - Haikyƫ!! crochet crow

Crochet Haikyu Crow Amigurumi PDF Pattern

This adorable crochet Haikyu crow would not have been possible if it hadn’t been requested by a fan and supporter of handmade work. I was approached on Etsy to design and create a pattern based on a character from the manga series, Haikyu. I was provided with a photo of a plush version and was […]

Hanging Container Organisation

Since becoming more and more into crafting, knitting, crochet, and sewing the supplies have increased while my work area has decreased. I’m usually shoving things to the side hoping they won’t fall off the edge or putting things on the floor and later tripping over them. Sometimes I don’t even want to bring out my […]

DIY Vintage Gift Tags and How To Tea Dye Paper

Christmas is quickly creeping up on me and I have yet to finish making all my presents. Reason is that I get very easily distracted by various things like baking and making “stuff” that’s not related to the important task at hand. To add to my distractions I’ve decided to make my own gift tags….and […]