crochet wesley crusher headband

Wesley Crusher Crochet Headband

So it’s not quite winter and not quite spring, meaning when I leave the house I’m either wearing too much or not enough. In these in between weather days I always find it handy to wear a headband, ears tend to get chilly after a bit. I thought of making a new headband design or […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Crochet Headbands

It was during Little Sister Sue’s birthday in January that Jay and I had the pleasure of meeting a very lovely couple (we’ll call them Bob and Gail) who are into board games, video games, and other nerdy, geeky things. As we shared interests and pub food, my blog and crochet came up. Like a […]

Chunky Headband

So I know it’s a little late in the season to start making winter accessories – didn’t the groundhog say we’ve only got a few more weeks left of winter? But I seem to have lost my headband and the only solution was to make another one. My original headband was knitted from a sort […]