Crochet Summer Beanie

For some people the harsh rays of the sun are a welcome treat but for others, going outside means bathing in sun screen and covering every inch of exposed skin. I fall somewhere in between this group of people, applying sun screen to my face (mostly) and occasionally wearing a wide brim hat but more often […]

World Wildlife Day Crochet Roundup

Today is World Wildlife Day and like many others out there, I want to raise awareness about animal and plant conservation. This year is the first time this day of observance of flora and fauna is celebrated. The organization leading this celebration will be focusing on African and Asian elephants, creatures that continue to be hunted by […]

Easy Crochet Ribbed Pom Pom Beanie

A few weeks ago I was drawn to All About Ami’s blog post on this crochet men’s beanie and I knew I had to make one. I was inspired by Stephanie’s nature shots so during one of our walks, Jay took a few shots of me wearing the crochet beanie. This crochet beanie hat was crazy easy […]

South Park Pumpkins

I’ve noticed lately that pumpkins are not just carved for Halloween. I’ve seen pumpkins with ombre paint designs, buttons glued on, bows tied around the top, messages painted on, pumpkins painted and decorated to look like Angry Birds, and even a pumpkin used for embroidery. People can get pretty darn creative with how they display the […]