Easy Pom Pom Holiday Wreath

This month at work we had a contest to see who could do the best work space decorations – by department or individual. My team and I had a brainstorming session over a pad thai lunch and thought of ways to liven up the office. We got excited and soon decided to go with a […]

Crochet Chunky Trellis Scarf

Oh Spring, when will you stay? Why must you play games with us? We had some lovely weather just before Easter weekend and then it snowed! But I was ready for the weather change – I was armed with a spring scarf. Chunky Trellis Scarf Months ago I bought this bright green yarn with the […]

How to Crochet a Basic Granny Square

Today’s post is not only a how-to but also a bit of a preview for something I’ve been working on for the past several weeks. The project I’m crocheting will be my largest piece this year! But first, I want to show you how to crochet a basic granny square and because it’s almost Valentine’s […]

Easy Crochet Ribbed Pom Pom Beanie

A few weeks ago I was drawn to All About Ami’s blog post on this crochet¬†men’s beanie¬†and I knew I had to make one. I was inspired by Stephanie’s nature shots so during one of our walks, Jay took a few shots of me wearing the crochet beanie. This crochet beanie hat was crazy easy […]