Crochet Christmas Tree With Buttons!

At work last week I noticed someone had put up a Christmas garland on their cubicle wall. It was Monday morning and I had just walked into the office so the sight of cheery holiday decor made me smile. It also made me realise it was time to decorate my desk area too! Crochet Christmas […]

DIY Last Minute Christmas Wrapping Paper

Years ago I bought a package of brown paper bags because a friend of ours told me of this genius way to make microwave popcorn in a paper bag. I think I tried this idea once and the paper bags became forgotten kitchen items, smushed against the back wall of the plastic container cupboard. Fast […]

DIY Vintage Gift Tags and How To Tea Dye Paper

Christmas is quickly creeping up on me and I have yet to finish making all my presents. Reason is that I get very easily distracted by various things like baking and making “stuff” that’s not related to the important task at hand. To add to my distractions I’ve decided to make my own gift tags….and […]

Crafting for Christmas

Ever since I started crocheting I’ve made it a tradition to make gifts for my family for Christmas. There were a few times in between my learning to crochet and now when I did end up buying something from a store but seeing as I’ve been unemployed for the past year I will (very happily) […]