Pops de Milk - DIY Cloth Mouse Pad

Super Easy DIY – Adventure Time Mouse Pad

Did you know you can make your own mouse pad? Okay maybe you did but did you know you just need fabric, craft foam, and glue? In just minutes I made a unique Adventure Time mouse pad, how awesome is that? Want to make one yourself? Grab your materials and let’s get started! Materials -1 […]

Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

This custom order from an Etsy customer really pushed me to be creative. When I was initially approached to create the design I hesitated and questioned whether I’d be able to make something like an ancient psychic tandem war elephant, APTWE for short. How would I make the body? The shotgun tusks? The trunk? Everything? […]

Stitch Away Stress, Lemongrab!

A few months ago I came across a crochet lemon pattern by Twinkie Chan – she made the lemon stress ball last April for Stress Awareness Month – and like with most patterns I saved it with the intention to use it “some day.” For some time I’ve been wanting to crochet Lemongrab. He’s probably […]

Crochet BMO Tablet Case

Recently we purchased a tablet and, after setting it up to my liking, my immediate thought was to make a case for it. The last time I made a tablet case was for my iPad by using an old book. This time, because I’m so hooked (get it, hooked?) on tapestry crochet I decided to […]

Lumpy Space Princess Sleeping Mask

A couple of months ago Twinkie Chan shared a pattern for a Holly Golightly sleeping mask. I thought it looked so cute and thought about making my own mask but my wandering crochet mind quickly forgot. Recently though I had a dream. It might have been the night I watched The Lich episode of Adventure Time where […]

Science Rules! Crochet Candy Corn Rat

Little Sister Sue and I are working our way through every episode of Adventure Time, starting from the very beginning, and we’re currently at season three. The episode that inspired this pattern is called From Bad To Worse where there is a candy zombie outbreak and Finn and Jake must figure out the zombie formula […]

Ice King Crochet

The (N)Ice King

One of my favourite Adventure Time episodes is Loyalty to the King where the Ice King (after having his captured princess “taken away” by Finn and Jake) becomes depressed and eventually decides to shave off his beard and get in shape. The drastic makeover ends up attracting princesses who unknowingly refer to him as the Nice […]

Sexiest Adventurer in the World!

Little Sister Sue is back in town and she’s the reason I recently got hooked on Adventure Time. I knew of the cartoon but never got around to watching it until last week when I found my sister watching it (apparently it’s on Netflix!). I’m almost through the first season and I love it – […]