DIY Super Mario Bros. Box

Two things happened just a few minutes ago.

1. I finished listening to the Life of Pi audio book. It was an amazing story and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t enjoyed it yet.

2. I finally finished the make up box I have been working on for the last several weeks.

Holding it in my hands in its assembled form is simply satisfying. And placing my make up inside the box is delightful. I have cleared valuable dresser space and now have in my possession a Super Mario Bros. surprise box. Yep, I’m feeling quite content right now 🙂

I’d like to say that the journey from sheets of plastic canvas to a useful (and cool) box was fun and easy but I’d be lying. Once I had put aside the cross-stitched lid I had to tackle the sides and bottom of the box. It took forever! There were what felt like endless nights of yellow yarn threading through small plastic squares. My thumbs have calluses. There are bits of yellow yarn everywhere.

But it was so worth it 🙂

DIY Super Mario Bros. Box

box sketch and canvas 003 005 009 it's a start Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Mario Bros Makeup Box bottom Bottom of box Pops de Milk - Mario Box bottom and canvas sides Pops de Milk - Mario Surprise Box putting the pieces together Pops de Milk - Mario Surprise Box it's alive! Pops de Milk - Mario Surprise Box a new tenant on the dresser Pops de Milk - Mario Surprise Box snug makeup

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