Crochet Mandala Mug Rug

When I started making these mandalas I wasn’t thinking about the mandala wall art project (which is still a work in progress!) but I thought these small mandalas would make beautiful coasters. Then I had another idea come to me one morning at breakfast. I was taking my mug of coffee to my desk along with a glass of water and a small plate with a scone. I put the plate on top of the mug to save me a trip and to keep my coffee hot but when I took the plate off the mug there was quite a bit of condensation on the bottom. Not wanting to leave a water ring on my wood surface I grabbed another coaster. Staring at the three coasters I had gathered together I wondered if it wouldn’t make more sense to have a mug rug.

Crochet Mandala Mug Rug

Crochet Mandala Mug Rug - Pops de Milk

I used cotton yarn to make the mandalas and then simply sewed them together to form a square. To add some colour to the yarn here is how I tea stained the mandalas. There’s no pattern for the mandalas because I was making them up as I went along, getting inspiration from books and the internet.Crochet Mandala Mug Rug - Pops de Milk Crochet Mandala Mug Rug - Pops de Milk

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