Crochet Hashtag Blanket – Finished!

Drum roll please….

Hashtag Blanket - Pops de Milk

Crochet Hashtag Blanket

Finally, after nearly 2 months the blanket is done and is way bigger than I expected! As you can see it beautifully covers the surface of our queen size bed.

For the border I ended up going with two rounds of hdc and dc stitches. The first hdc round has 2hdc, 3ch, 2hdc in the corners and in the parts where the squares are joined I made 4ch. In the second dc round the corners have 6dc sts and in the 4ch from the first hdc round I made dc sts in each ch. Done!Hashtag Blanket Design - Pops de Milk Hashtag Blanket Stack of Squares Hashtag Granny Square Blanket - Pops de Milk Hashtag Joining Squares - Pops de Milk Hashtag Blanket - Pops de Milk Hashtag Blanket - Pops de MilkHashtag Blanket - Pops de Milk

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6 thoughts on “Crochet Hashtag Blanket – Finished!

  1. Hi! Thanks for the pattern! I made my blanket with the squares, but not the hashtag design. I love it. I just need to finish the border, but I’m a bit unclear on the pattern. Would you mind clarifying for me? Is the first round only hdc and the second round only dc? Thanks!

    1. Hi Celise, I’m so happy you like the pattern 🙂 To clarify, the first round is all hdc and the second is all dc. Hope that helps!

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