Crochet Egg and Bacon Art

One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast are eggs and bacon. Could be from all those lazy Sunday mornings with my family and later with Jay, getting up to fry delicious bacon and practice the art of sunny side up eggs with the perfect yolky centre. Actually, if I could eat that everyday I probably would but because I care about my body I don’t. Still, the sight of a plate of eggs and bacon brings an instant smile to my face and I thought, wouldn’t my fave breakfast make for some fun and cheery art?bacon and egg wall art

Egg and Bacon Art

This was the first attempt at making crochet bacon. I wasn’t crazy about it because it just didn’t have that fried, crispy look to it. Plus, the light pink yarn made it look a little too uncooked for my taste. So with some strategically placed increase and decrease stitches along the rows I achieved the shape I was looking for.first bacon attemptI think my favourite part of this project was adding the eyes and mouth. To say that I had fun crocheting this would be an understatement. I was literally laughing when I started stitching the arms and I got to this point:

egg with a needle sword

After figuring out the crochet pattern, this project didn’t take much time to make and it’s great for using up leftover yarn. I used an old sweater and a rectangular frame (8 x 11 inches) but you could also use canvas, an embroidery hoop, or shadow box to display your breakfast art.bacon and eggs art

You can purchase the pattern in my shop.

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