Crochet Cables Clutch

The Crochet Cables Clutch from Craftsy is now finished!! And I’m very happy/excited to start using it.Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk

With the cables clutch I needed to block (shape) the final piece. Even though I used acrylic yarn I still needed to block the piece so the edges wouldn’t curl as much. But not only that, I kind of wanted to give it a wash to clean the every day dirt (not to mention hand sweat from occasional bouts of crochet cables frustration), natural oils, lotions, and okay I will admit the occasional cookie crumb – hands can get dirty and so does the project you’re handling! Earlier this year I was gifted a fiber and fabric wash from Bijou Basin Ranch. They are a small family run ranch where they raise Tibetan yaks for their glossy coats to make yarns. They sent me a few samples of their Allure Fiber Wash and I had been waiting for a chance to try some out.

For the clutch I decided to try the Prairie Breeze wash. I followed the instructions on the bottle – use 2 capfuls of soap to a gallon of water and soak the item for about 10 minutes. The soap smelled so lovely, almost like it should be a luxurious bubble bath. I’m actually tempted to bathe in it! It wasn’t an overpowering scent, just fresh and fragrant. The bottle said there’s no need to rinse but I may have used a tiny bit more soap than I needed so I ran the piece under some cool water for a few seconds and then gently squeezed out some water. I squeezed out more water by rolling the crochet rectangle in a thick towel and then pinned it down to give it shape. I was happy to find no soap residue. It’s been a few days since I washed the clutch and it still has a mild fragrance.Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk

After blocking I measured the piece and found scrap fabric that was the right size for a liner – and a nice contrasting colour too. I was very lazy about making this liner so I used fusible web to iron the visible hems but sewed the sides before attaching it to the clutch. The original pattern instructions said to use a magnetic snap but I decided to go with a button instead.Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk

I’m really glad I signed up for the Craftsy class because now I know how to crochet cables and I have a cute clutch to wear for Spring!Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk Crochet Cables Clutch - Pops de Milk

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4 thoughts on “Crochet Cables Clutch

  1. Great design and I love the color you chose. So bright and cheerful. I’m glad you showed us how you wet blocked the finished piece. I’ve never tried wet blocking acrylic yarn before and it’s really helpful that you have proven it can be done with great success! Thanks!

  2. It looks lovely! I really like the colour contrasting lining and now I really really want to learn how to do cables! ^___^

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