Embroidery Floss Storage, Fine Yarn Too

Years ago I asked my mom if I could borrow her embroidery thread for a project. I believe I was cross stitching an image of a house surrounded by¬†foliage and I needed different shades and hues of green so I brought my mom’s giant embroidery floss storage jar home and never returned it. I’m not […]

Colour Switch

Here’s a little something I’ve been practising: Changing yarns in a crochet project. The thought of switching yarns in the middle of a row or even at the end/beginning used to make me cringe and I would quickly look for a pattern that didn’t involve that. Or I would just not switch colours and not […]

That’s right, it’s a beer cozy

The other night I was plagued by a very uncomfortable and frustrating dilemma. The culprit: Of course everyone loves a good, thoroughly chilled beer, like, so thorough there are frozen bits. This is ideal during summer months when you’ll do anything to keep cool. But it’s no longer summer and the last thing I want […]

Little aliens…with button eyes, oh my!

I have a jar of buttons that I bought several years ago. The buttons used to be kept in the plastic bag they came in, which resulted in button spillage, every single time. If only I had used the buttons quicker, I theorized, then I wouldn’t have to deal with annoying spills. I wasn’t as […]