Yin Yang Shawl

I feel like Etta James at this moment: Aaaaaat laaaaaast my shawl is done, my long nights of knitting are over, and my WIP basket is emptier. I’ve been working on this shawl for many months, I don’t know if I want to figure out how long but we’ll just say it took a while […]

WIP Wednesday

A few Christmases ago, using my novice crochet skills, I worked up several pairs of slippers for both my sisters and my parents. Let me tell you, if you want to practice crochet and get really good at making slippers, make a whole bunch of them for your friends and family – they will love […]

Making cute a.k.a. procrastinating

I mentioned in a earlier post that my goal for this year is to create and create some more. I have a list of a few projects I have in mind for now but they are all lengthy and very involved. Knitted knee-high socks? Yeah, that’ll take a while. Design and crochet a special nautical […]

Learning to Knit…and not giving up!

I’m a crocheter. I crochet. That’s the only yarn craft I learned and the only one I think I’ve somewhat mastered. But I’m not happy just knowing one yarn craft. Are there very many yarn crafts out there? Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice the number of knitters out there with their dainty needles and […]