WIP Wednesday – The Clothing Edition

You know how when you finish a serious project, the kind that challenges your creativity and time management skills, and when it’s over you remember the WIPs that kept piling up in your absence? That’s what happened to me after I finished the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. Suddenly I had all this extra time […]

WIP – July Socks

Earlier this year Jennifer of Squirrel Picnic started a Year of the Sock Facebook group. It’s an open group for anyone who wants to crochet a pair of socks in a month (or longer, we won’t tell) and it’s also where we can encourage each other and share tips and tricks. It’s been a few […]

WIP Wednesday

The other night, after work and the usual things people do at the end of the day, I paced around the apartment, my mind too busy to focus. I hadn’t realized I was pacing until Jason asked what was on my mind. What I thought of was, “I’m ready for play time but I don’t […]

WIP Wednesday

Last week I made an executive decision to scrap the lace crochet top design and start over. I decided to go for the shelled top after fellow crocheter Eleanor (of Harebells Crochet) pointed out that, though the granny square top was her favourite, the shelled top was more in the lace crochet style and would […]

Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower – CAL

Over the past four weeks I’ve been taking part in the Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower CAL (crochet along) hosted by Jennifer at Squirrel Picnic. It’s been so fun and I’ve learned that CALs are such a great way to get things done. I honestly don’t think I would be completing this project this quickly if […]

WIP Wednesday…and a yarn review!

I was wondering which yarn to use for my May crochet socks when  I got a sample skein from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. They are a Canadian yarn retailer that specializes in beautifully hand-dyed yarns and the yarn they sent me is so squishy and lovely to work with! The colour is called Arctic Midnight […]

Amigurumi Eeyore – Part 3

The reason amigurumi is such an awesome form of crochet is that it gives the crocheter an opportunity to make something with character. I’m not saying all other crochet projects don’t have character – believe me, there are some scarves and hats that have plenty of character – but with amigurumi you can give your […]

Amigurumi Eeyore – Part 2

Hey! I hope you enjoyed the instructions for part one of amigurumi Eeyore! If you found the limbs to be fairly easy and fun to make then you’re probably ready for a little challenge. In this post I will show you how to make Eeyore’s head. I decided to make this part next because, in […]

WIP – April Socks

After the astonishing success of my March socks, I made a solid decision to continue crocheting a pair of socks each month. It’s a very daunting decision and I am still questioning it myself – I’m either doubtful of my skills or overly ambitious, there’s no happy medium. But the choice has been made and […]

WIP Wednesday

Hey hey hey! It’s another Work in Progress update! Last week I got some really great things in the mail. One item was the latest Zoomigurumi crochet pattern book, which I can’t wait to dive into. The other package was yarn, lovely, delicious yarn! This was very needed yarn because without a certain colour I […]