December Socks To End The Year Of The Sock

Another year comes to an end and just in time I have finished the last pair of the Year of the Sock crochet challenge – the December Socks. I have to say, this is my favourite pair of socks. Why? Because they have a story to tell with all the different yarns, and after months […]

Year of the Sock – Interview with Jennifer

If you had asked me at the start of the year if I’d be crocheting socks every month in something called the Year of the Sock, I probably would have scoffed and said, “Are you crazy? With a job, life, and blog projects you think I have time to crochet a pair of socks each […]

November Socks

Well! These socks almost broke me. They were originally meant to be a birthday gift for Jason. He had been wanting a pair of crochet socks, which is only fair seeing as I’ve been making a pair for myself every month for almost a year. I got started – I took Jason’s foot measurements, taking […]

October Socks

So we all know how much I struggled with the September socks, right? These socks…let’s just say I’m beyond surprised and amazed I finished them not only on time, but a week early! The pattern was actually easy, in theory. In practice it required so much more patience than I anticipated. Who knew that having […]

September Socks

Ever have those days when you want to check things off your list but there’s so much going on that you barely manage to finish one task? That’s what September was like. Life, as it tends to do, got in the way of crochet (again!). Life has no consideration for my oh so important crochet schedule […]

August Socks

This is my sixth pair, you guys. Sixth. I have six pairs of crocheted socks just hanging around, waiting their turn to be worn. For the most part I’ve felt confident throughout this Year of the Sock challenge, knowing I’ll finish before the month is over. Don’t get me wrong, I did have my doubts […]

July Crochet Socks

I really thought for a moment that I wouldn’t make it. I would be into August and the second sock would still be missing the heel or even the cuff. But, my friends, I pulled through. The pattern, which can be found on Red Heart, was fun and I wouldn’t mind using it again. I […]

WIP Wednesday – The Clothing Edition

You know how when you finish a serious project, the kind that challenges your creativity and time management skills, and when it’s over you remember the WIPs that kept piling up in your absence? That’s what happened to me after I finished the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. Suddenly I had all this extra time […]

WIP – July Socks

Earlier this year Jennifer of Squirrel Picnic started a Year of the Sock Facebook group. It’s an open group for anyone who wants to crochet a pair of socks in a month (or longer, we won’t tell) and it’s also where we can encourage each other and share tips and tricks. It’s been a few […]

June Socks – Done!

I almost thought I wouldn’t make it. I kept thinking, “But they’re ankle socks!” How could a pair of half socks take so long to make? And with a mesh fabric no less! It’s a bit of a mystery to me. Needless to say I’m happy I finished the socks in time and so very […]