The Mandalorian

Happy Star Wars Day! This year I was stuck on what to make for May 4th and I really didn’t want to make BB-8 (as so many suggested) because there were already some great patterns and designs for BB-8 (just check out this one on Crafty is Cool). Previously I’d made the Death Star and a […]

WIP Wednesday

April Socks A few rounds into the leg of the sock pattern I began to get bored of the seemingly endless single crochet stitches. I was on the train home from work and after one such round, I went off track and started doing something different. I added gaps into the fabric. I guess you […]

WIP Wednesday

Hey hey hey! It’s another Work in Progress update! Last week I got some really great things in the mail. One item was the latest Zoomigurumi crochet pattern book, which I can’t wait to dive into. The other package was yarn, lovely, delicious yarn! This was very needed yarn because without a certain colour I […]

World Wildlife Day Crochet Roundup

Today is World Wildlife Day and like many others out there, I want to raise awareness about animal and plant conservation. This year is the first time this day of observance of flora and fauna is celebrated. The organization leading this celebration will be focusing on African and Asian elephants, creatures that continue to be hunted by […]